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Columbus Axe believes in contributing to the causes and needs of this community. That is why we have brought to fruition the #ThrowForACause program. This program is a partnership between us and local nonprofits in the community. 

Through this program, people can not only throw axes for fun, but they can throw for a meaningful cause too! This program incentivizes community relations by bridging entertainment with local causes. In other words, this program is a great way for people to have fun while doing good. 

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Our #ThrowForACause program is flexible to fit the needs of our non-profit partners, we’ll work with your organization to create the most beneficial plan for your group! This can include fundraising nights at our venue, custom t-shirts to raise awareness, social media posts, logo and link to your organization’s site on our website, discounted rates for private events like silent auctions, a yearly party for all of our partners, and more!

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